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Hi I’m Rebecca Bruce, Registered Dietitian & fun loving foodie. I can’t wait to work with you so that you feel your best!

We specialise in

  • Women’s nutrition & gut health: boost your energy levels, balance your hormones, improve your gut health and find your happy place with your body (whether that be weight loss, weight gain or changing your body composition). Women are unique and our nutrition needs are too. Our programs and plans are designed by women for women based on evidence, experience and understanding.
  • Children’s nutrition: give your child a head start with the best nutrition. Specialist advice from experienced Paediatric Dietitians and Children’s Nutritionists with a wealth of knowledge covering all of the ages and stages.

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Women’s Wellbeing App

Our Women’s Wellbeing programs are run via the easy to use and access Women’s Wellbeing app…imagine having your meal plans, nutrition reminders, tips, weekly motivators and support in the palm of your hand, day to day to ensure you achieve your nutrition goals.

Zoom Appointments

Zoom consultations mean that wherever you live in New Zealand and whatever your daily commitments are, we can arrange an appointment that suits you from the privacy of your own home or work, without having to battle the traffic, work around school, work or kids sleeps and meal times.

Clinic appointments

Face to face clinic appointments can be arranged with Rebecca at 1 Achilles Crescent, Narrow Neck,
Auckland or at Tiny Giants Specialist Paediatric Clinic in St Heliers, Auckland.

Preparation for your appointment

Pre-consultation questionnaire: after booking your appointment, please complete this pre-consultation questionnaire (only required for initial consultations)

Food & symptom diary: prior to your Dietitian appointment you will need to complete a 3 day food diary and email to 1-2 days before your appointment


We are passionate about bringing positive change to your nutrition and lifestyle. But don’t just take our word for it read what our clients are saying about their fantastic results and experiences working with us.
You really have changed the way I think about food & I have learnt a lot around building my meals. My mindset has changed from being 'on a diet' to maintaining a healthy way of eating. It has now become so normal"
My head was spinning with dietary advice from friends, magazines and the gym. I didn’t know what to eat or what was right for me. I was struggling to lose weight even though I was attending the gym 4 times per week. Rebecca made everything simple! With an easy to follow meal plan I lost 5 kilos in just 3 months. I am thrilled with the results
Rebecca at Smart Nutrition truly helped us with our baby’s feeding issues when we felt we had nowhere else to turn. Her integrative approach along with her professional wealth of knowledge and kind consideration helped us piece together the complex puzzle of our baby’s issues. We cannot express our thanks enough.
Mary & family
Rebecca has really helped me to achieve my goal of setting up healthy eating habits long-term! I have 2 school-aged children and always found it difficult to prioritise my own healthy eating. Rebecca was very supportive and gave useful examples that I could put to use straight away. The nutrition hub provided as part of this programme was a great resource that I could dip into for ideas and recipes.
Rebecca took a personalised approach and made everything fit with my lifestyle, likes and dislikes, making the whole process sustainable. With Rebecca’s input, I have learnt to navigate my food choices with confidence and generally feel better in myself and in control of my symptoms. I would highly recommend Rebecca for anyone wanting a holistic approach; she prioritised the need to manage my IBS and to support my weight loss goals.
I can't recommend Rebecca Bruce (Smart Nutrition) enough!  She has been such a huge help with Florence and her food allergies.  I found it really daunting and overwhelming trying to figure it all out but Rebecca offered so much great and practical advice on what to substitute and what was needed to make sure Florence was still getting everything she needed. We now have a much happier child who is now eating and thriving.
I recommend Rebecca for all things Nutrition. I found her professional, empathetic and thorough.
Working with Rebecca over the past four months has been a turning point in my health journey and in living with IBS and GERD. Rebecca’s dietary and nutritional knowledge, her genuine care and support and amazing ability to understand and work with the challenges my health and lifestyle bring, has been invaluable.
Rebecca is AMAZING! I cannot recommend her enough. She has helped our son in many ways. We turned to Rebecca desperate for answers and help with our baby’s feeding needs and challenges. She listened to us with the upmost patience, understanding and care and has supported us through our sons feeding and diet concerns with her wealth of knowledge and experience.
This is the best money I have ever spent
We found Rebecca's guidance and coaching invaluable for shifting the tone of our family dinners. Rebecca is realistic about family life and what it means to have fussy eater and is a wealth of knowledge and insight into the minds of kids and how to mould their attitudes to food for the better.
Rebecca helped us through a really difficult time. Our daughter wasn’t gaining weight and was in a lot of pain, we had gone through many other channels with little success, she put a plan in place and helped us get back on track.


First you need to see your doctor or specialist for investigations to get a diagnosis or rule out a medical cause. Once we have this information, we can work together to improve your gastrointestinal symptoms through diet whether that be improving your gut health and considering other lifestyle factors, implementing a low FODMAP diet and completing a structured FODMAP reintroduction process to identify your triggers for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or commencing a strict gluten free diet for coeliac disease. Don’t put up with symptoms that are not normal – we can help you get to the bottom of what is going on so that you can take control of your symptoms.

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Have you tried it all when comes to diets and weight loss and always find yourself back where you started (or worse off)? Are you confused about what you should or shouldn’t be eating to lose weight or what you previously did just isn’t working for you anymore…you are not alone. Many of the women we work are feeling just like you when they come to us. So we have designed a Women’s Wellbeing 3 week nutrition and lifestyle reset which is the perfect kick start to feeling you best with done for your meal plans, tasty nutritious recipes, all in an easy to use app. From here we don’t leave you to create healthy habits that stick on your own. Join our monthly membership ‘The Women’s Wellbeing Circle’ a safe an inclusive space to continue learning, create you own meal plans from our nutritious high protein, high fibre, lower carbohydrate recipes that upload to your weekly shopping list.

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Fussy eating can be a normal developmental stage during the toddler years but it can also be a stressful time for parents. How you approach this is really important. It is important to maintain positive eating experiences, allow sensory interaction, continue exposure and develop a healthy relationship with foods. If your child’s nutritional intake is very limited and they are refusing to eat whole food groups it is important to seek advice from a Paediatric Dietitian ensure your child is getting the nutrition they need and you have strategies to keep meal times calm and positive.

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Food allergy can only be diagnosed via a validated test (specific IgE blood test or skin prick testing) in combination with clinical picture i.e history of reactions including the timing and symptoms. A food allergy can either be diagnosed by a doctor or allergy specialist (Immunologist). There is no specific test for food intolerances, but food intolerances can be identified by completing a thorough medical and diet history and completing a dietary exclusion for a suspected trigger, followed by a reintroduction to confirm the food intolerance. This should be done under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian with experience in food allergy and food intolerances. If you would like our help you can book an appointment or get in touch.

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