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Kidz Nutrition Specialist Paediatric Dietitians and Children’s Nutritionists

We bring you expert advice from Paediatric Dietitians to ensure your child gets the nutrition they need to thrive, whilst creating healthy relationships with food.

Baby’s, toddlers, children and teenagers all have unique nutrition needs. We tailor our advice to ensure their nutrition needs are met based on their age individual situation.

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Kidz Nutrition Services

  • Nutrition for your baby: including advice on the introduction and progression of solids, what to introduce, when and how and the introduction of higher risk allergens
  • Children’s nutrition: setting up a foundation for healthy eating
  • Fussy eaters and picky eating: take the stress out of mealtimes by getting the support you need for your picky eater and have a plan to meet their nutrition needs
  • Paediatric feeding disorders: support with managing feeding issues where there is an underlying medical condition and/or feeding difficulties. We work closely with other health professionals such as speech and language therapists, psychologists and occupational therapists
  • Weight management:
    – overweight or obese children and adolescents: focus on healthy balanced nutrition and positive relationships with food
    – poor weight gain (faltering growth): nutrition support to improve growth and achieve catch up growth where required
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: nutrition advice and support for managing children’s gut issues e.g coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and reflux
  • Food allergy and food intolerances: support in managing your child’s food allergy or intolerance to keep them safe, manage their symptoms and ensure they meet their nutrition requirements whilst avoiding their allergen(s) or trigger foods

Rebecca is AMAZING! I cannot recommend her enough. She has helped our son in many ways. We turned to Rebecca desperate for answers and help with our baby’s feeding needs and challenges. She listened to us with the upmost patience, understanding and care and has supported us through our sons feeding and diet concerns with her wealth of knowledge and experience.


I can’t recommend Rebecca Bruce (Smart Nutrition) enough!  She has been such a huge help with Florence and her food allergies. I found it really daunting and overwhelming trying to figure it all out but Rebecca offered so much great and practical advice on what to substitute and what was needed to make sure Florence was still getting everything she needed. We now have a much happier child who is now eating and thriving.



  • Initial consultation: 1 hour $250
    At our initial consultation we will complete a thorough assessment including medical history, growth history, feeding history and discuss your primary concerns. Together we will come up with a plan giving you the knowledge and confidence with how to best approach your child’s nutrition to ensure they grow and develop to their best potential.

  • Follow up: 30 minutes $150
    Most issues are not fixed in one appointment so we would generally recommend a follow up appointment to review your children’s growth and progress with their nutrition. This gives us an opportunity to provide further support and advice and fine tune things.

Preparation for your child’s appointment

Pre-consultation questionnaire: after booking your child’s appointment, please complete this pre-consultation questionnaire (only required for initial consultations)

Food & symptom diary: prior to your child’s Dietitian appointment you will need to complete a 3 day food diary and email to info@smartnutrition.nz 1-2 days before your appointment

Zoom Appointments

Most of our consultations are via zoom which means that wherever you live in New Zealand and whatever your daily commitments are, we can
arrange an appointment that suits you from the privacy of your own home or work. This takes away the logistical challenges of battling the traffic, working around school and work commitments or kids sleep and meal times. It also allows parents/caregivers to join the appointment from different locations. If you would prefer a phone consultation just let us know when you make your booking

Clinic appointments

Clinic appointments can be arranged with Rebecca Bruce at Tiny Giants Specialist Paediatric Clinic in St Heliers, Auckland.

A small number of clinic appointments are also available with Rebecca by arrangement at 1 Achilles Crescent, Narrow Neck,

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