Kidz Nutrition provides specialist nutrition advice from an experienced Paediatric Dietitian /Children’s Nutritionist

Kidz Nutrition Services

  • Infant nutrition: including introduction and progression of solids – what to introduce and when
  • Childhood nutrition: setting up a foundation for healthy eating and dealing with fussy eating
  • Feeding difficulties and behavioural feeding issues
  • Weight management:

 – Overweight or obese children and adolescents

– Poor weight gain (faltering growth or ‘failure to thrive’)

  • Gastrointestinal disorders: including coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and reflux
  • Food allergy and food intolerances (including maternal dietary exclusions for breast feeding mothers)

N.B a referral is required from your GP or Paediatrician for any nutrition related medical condition


Initial session 1 hour
Follow up session 30 min


Kidz Nutrition has a clinic on Auckland’s North Shore and also offers telehealth consultations via Zoom and phone. This means that wherever you live in New Zealand and whatever your daily commitments are we can arrange an appointment that suits you from the privacy of your own home or workplace without having to battle the traffic.

Childcare (ECE) Menus

Kidz Nutrition offers services to Early Childhood education centres including:

  • Review of current menu with recommendations to optimise the nutritional adequacy
  • Development of new child friendly nutritious menus and recipes are created  to a variety of foods and textures, developing the foundations for healthy eating

We asked Rebecca to review our current menus that we offered at our Bear Park ECE Centres and to also look specifically at designing for us two different seasonal four -week menus.

This has been a very successful project for us, and we have received very positive comments from the children, parents and the Heart Foundation. We would strongly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking at healthy menu design.

Sue Stevely-Cole, Bear Park ECE Founder

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