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At Smart Nutrition & Kidz Nutrition, we’re passionate about bringing positive change to your dietary habits and lifestyle. But don’t just take our word for it—read what our clients have to say about their transformative experiences.



I cannot speak highly enough of Rebecca Bruce. When I started seeing Rebecca, I had issues with joint pain, headaches, breathing, reflux and tiredness. For months before I had been to doctors and specialists with no improvement in my symptoms. Rebecca looked at my symptoms and listened to my issues with food and suggested a referral to an immunologist to get a more complete picture. When Rebecca suggested a Low Food Chemical Diet (RPAH) this looked pretty daunting to me as the challenges Rebecca was suggesting seemed complex. Through these challenges Rebecca was there with me every step of the way. She is a great listener and was able to answer my questions in a quick and easy to understand way. With Rebecca’s support I am able to adapt my food choices in a way that I can minimise the symptoms that were preventing me from leading a quality life. Rebecca’s knowledge of food and allergies has been second to none and I cannot thank her enough for helping me make changes to my eating to allow me to live symptom free.

Rebecca at Smart Nutrition truly helped us with our baby’s feeding issues when we felt we had nowhere else to turn. Her integrative approach along with her professional wealth of knowledge and kind consideration helped us piece together the complex puzzle of our baby’s issues. We cannot express our thanks enough.
Mary & Family
Working with Rebecca over the past four months has been a turning point in my health journey and in living with IBS and GERD. Rebecca’s dietary and nutritional knowledge, her genuine care and support and amazing ability to understand and work with the challenges my health and lifestyle bring, has been invaluable. Thanks to her nutritional advice and dietary plan, I have seen a huge improvement in my health and my quality of life. I really can’t recommend Rebecca enough to anyone who is struggling with digestive issues and who is feeling lost and confused about what and how to eat.
I visited Rebecca as my head was spinning with dietary advice from friends, magazines and the gym. I didn’t know what to eat or whether high fat, low fat, high carb, low carb or fasting was right for me. (I had tried them all.) I was struggling to lose weight even though I was attending the gym 4 times per week. Rebecca made everything simple! With a really easy menu plan formulated especially for me, backed up by scientific research and Rebecca’s qualifications gave me the confidence to shut out all the conflicting advice about what I should eat and to stick to Rebecca’s plan and in 3 months I lost 5 kilos. I am thrilled with the results and I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking for dietary advice from a qualified professional.
After shedding 20kgs of weight and not being able to shed the last stubborn 2-3kgs I contacted Rebecca. After a successful weight loss, I was confident that I had the perfect diet and knew all I needed to know about balances nutrition. After seeing Rebecca, she highlighted areas of my diet that were preventing me from achieving my targeted weight and size and were potentially bad for my health. With an easy to follow diet plan, Rebecca had me at my target weight within 2 months. Not only did I reach my target I feel better and healthier than ever. Thanks Rebecca!!!
I recommend Rebecca for all things Nutrition. I found her professional, empathetic and thorough. If you need assistance with your nutritional queries/ plans/questions, I would recommend you see Rebecca at Smart Nutrition. Many thanks for all your help Rebecca.

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